A Drunkship of Cobblers

by The Golden Apple

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released April 1, 2020

All songs performed by The Golden Apple

Guy Hepworth:
Vocals / Guitar / Drums / Percussion

Mike Crook:
Vocals / Guitar / Percussion / Bulbul Tarang / Sequencing

Diane Watson:

Fionn Harding:
Violin & Viola

Chris Robins Kennish:

Harriett Robins Kennish:

Engineered and produced by Mike Crook at M.C. Studios

Sleeve artwork by Guy Hepworth and Mike Crook


all rights reserved



The Golden Apple UK

A duo of singing, original tunes, folksy, groovy, balladish, funky dedicated to the prettiest one.

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Track Name: Worker's Lullaby
Rise in darkness, knead the dough
Lay it out on the tray
Bake the bread for the worker
At the break of the day

Drive the sheep to the top field
And there they will stay
‘Til you drive them back home
At the end of the day

Push the plough and pull the anchor
For your bread and your pay
Sleep like a newborn
At the end of the day

Scrub the decks, reef the mainsail
Turn the capstan, heave ho!
Retire to your hammock
To sleep on the flow

There you sit at your workbench
Mending heels and their soles
So their work boots will last
Cause you mended their holes


My sweet child my darling
Oh what will you be
Whether baker or cobbler
Or sail on the sea
Track Name: Dance to the Sun
I can not sleep on this night and more
Forgotten what these eyes are for
I toss and turn the rain that may
Wash the black of my soul away

I will never be dry, never to dream again X2

The light of the sun is over clouds
The heat of the earth is underground
This cup of ours has just run dry
I ask for you and you answer why

It will never be cold, it will never be this cold again X2

Join hands and dance to the sun,
Bring hope to life that’s begun
The devil’s been clever you have to severe the tether,
Encourage your spirit to run
Join hands and dance to the sun

I’ve lost a friend in my brother’s heart
We broke away then grew apart
Regret is on my back today
My brother’s life a price to pay

I will never be low, never see his face again
I will never be low, never be this low again


We break our bones and make our way
Parade our sins from day to day
Hell is open the walk is old
Or hold my hand and don’t be sold

Never be chained, never be chained again
Never be shamed, hope will be claimed again

Track Name: Only Dreams Are Real
Take a ride on a wheel of fortune
Choose a way thats more than one
Say yes to all ideas and chances
Soon those chances will be gone

Only bonds will break, break a heart thats true
Only time has given me the time to think of you
Only life will die as death lays down to sleep
Only sleep will find true answers buried in the deep


Only heels will march, march they will to war
Only war finds peace to find that peace is poor
Only eyes will watch the hands that fail to reach
And only minds can see that only fools can teach

Take your chances while you can (Repeat)

Only dreams are real (Repeat)

Track Name: The Trader's Song
I’m a travelling trader, a peddler of goods
I wander the highways, from mountains to woods.
I stop in your village to gossip and stares,
But you’re eager to browse, and sample my wares

Come sample my wares, Only two for a pair

We’ve tankards and goblets and goods of fine leather
Give me a moment, I’ll find you that feather
We’ve quill, ink and parchment but never mind that
I can see that you really want that outrageous hat

Oh fancy that, outrageous hat

Hey-la, hey-la ho!
We’re off, we’re on the road
Hey-la, hey-la ho,
Pack up and off we go

If you’re feeling Skian Mhorish and need to Chow down
Then get Battle Ready, Eldritch is in town
When it comes to Light Armour and Craftigan’s near
As If By Magic, shopkeeper appears

Just catch my eye, touch and you buy


Potions in bottles and wands of strange metal
Cloth by the yard and songs from the bards.
Masks made of wood to curdle the blood
Lovely long dresses with gems in their hems

Honeycomb, spices, dyes of all colour,
Nostrums and powders to make you feel fuller.
Fine bows and arrows that come in the quiver,
Long woollen cloaks to keep out the shivers.

Knives swords and axes for hacking and slaying,
Religious robes for kneeling and praying.
Gloves, shirts and trousers, armour and boots
The one thing you won’t find here is fresh fruit

Strawberry fair, we’re not go-ing there

Track Name: Castleheart Conquered
It’s told there once was a castle
A gem of un-rivaling price
It was solid to look at but cold to the touch
Secure in it’s place on the map

For years the turrets stood wary
No-one made merry at court
The walls they stood tall, content with the halls
Where echoes and memories were caught

My heart has been conquered, a strong hold no longer
Breached by a maiden so fair
Defences were strong but I kept them too long
Forgot what a real heart is for X2

Early one morn I woke with a yawn
The dawn brought a new light so fair
She lept over the moat, the drawbridge she broke
Bringing her Summer fanfare

Faced with this vision I pressed the intruder
To call out the truth if she dared
She showed me the dungeon I’d built as a child
Opened the door for the air


My armour fell short so I reached for my sword
Gripped with a lingering grief
Her will was too strong, an army of beauty
My kingdom was all hers to keep


What a real heart is for (with Chorus)

Now she has danced for Kings and I have sailed the Seas*

* Inspired by Jake Wilson lyrics Flag with no Nation.
Track Name: Meet at the Shark
Meet at The Shark, call it dark nine
Watch the sun going down, drink till we’re blind
Find a Rosie or May, help with losing our time
Help lose all of our pay, their hearts and their minds

Twice as many souls they sink upon the land as those are lost at sea

Don’t look up in the dark, always look down
Their lives are falling apart, and are ready to drown
You give half of your purse, or have it taken all down
This is chapter and verse in this crumbling town

Twice as many souls they sink
Upon the land as those are lost at sea
Half of those were trying something new
But given something old to eat

So ride your luck today and pray that it will last
If you look into a mirror, remember thats the past
Give some when you can to even out the sides
Cos when your turn comes round, will your luck be there to ride

Gang up on this town, lose all our wage
Break a few hearts, buy a few slaves
Because it’s easy to do, and it makes us feel brave
Some dreams will die tonight and some will be saved

Half of all the people here are
Lonelier than most or all of you.
Raise a glass and toast to those
Who can not make a toast for two.

Hands up in the air.
Wave them like your soul is lost at sea X2

Meet up in The Shark X4

Hey ho the rum goes down,
You’ll look better as the night goes round.
Pick a fella, pick a fight and spread your crown,
Come again when in a back street town
Track Name: The Dance of Life
She crawls upon the hearthen stone.
She learns to stand with growing bones
She plays among the sunlit stones.
She’ll walk the dance of life (X2 all verses)

Questing far with windswept hair.
She’ll find the green eyed idol where
The bolder soldiers would not dare.
She’ll take the dance of life

She gives her heart with all her shade,
In truth and friendship love is made
Love may last or pass and fade, but
She’ll love the dance of life

To take up arms, defend her right.
Leading armies, power and might
Victory won hard through the fight.
She’ll win the dance of life

Raised up high upon her throne.
Ruling realm but not alone
Her people love her for their own.
She’ll rule the dance of life

We learn and we live we dance on the path of our life
But how can we know that the dance that we’re doing is right
Put trust in the music and throw up your hands to the sky
While we dance we may fly

Tiny hands and pink of face.
Children’s feet now run the race
Their laughter rings around the place.
She’ll love the dance of life

She dances still with aching knees.
Grandchildren call and try to please
Time has come to take her ease.
She’s danced the dance of life

Stars will turn and iron will rust.
We are all born and come to dust
Then born again so we all must
Dance the dance of life.

She’ll dance the dance of life

So we’ll all dance the dance
Moving & stopping & edging & crawling

Yes we’ll all dance the dance
Jumping & tripping & limping & falling

And we’ll all dance the dance of life
Climbing & chancing & leaping & dancing in life
Track Name: Faerie Fails
So the Cobblers refered the King to the last paragraph of the scroll, stating because the princess QUOTE had worn the shoes without socks UNQUOTE it was an irreversible contract so the cobblers took to the palace and marched out with all it’s treasures. They all bobbled straight to the nearest tavern where they drank happily ever after.

The moral of this faerie fail is don’t go in the woods
No ifs no buts and no definitely should
You know what bears can do and you know it to be foul
And there’s a lane built round it to the town

There was a pretty little girl with a relative to see
She wasn’t one for camouflage, she never suited green
And as she took a bag of goodies to her grandma through the week
She was prayed on by a dog with dirty, great, big teeth


Three brother billy goats went to eat the meadow’s green
They came upon a bridge that went across the stream
Because the goats were lazy, didn’t fancy going round
Two of them were eaten by a fat troll underground


Don’t go in the woods. Leave that food it’s not your
That cow’s worth more than dried goods
And that sleeping girl more than likely snores

A tailor swatting flies, bored with the cards he’s dealt
Brags that he’s done better, then writes it on his belt
Finds himself in court with bigger beasts to track
The beast needs more than smacking with a flimsy leather strap


So if you find yourself near trouble and a choice you need to make
The path of least resistance may not be the one to take
Meeting hair and teeth or someone wants you for a strew
Take the long way round will more than likely profit you


Track Name: Outrageous Hat
There are days when breathing is hard
And your foot fall will get you nowhere
And the wanting of man is left wanting a plan
Of high things too lofty to bare

So bring out your metal and fibre,
Forge it and weave it between
The shadow of night and the blazing sun light
Will crown this nightmare a dream

Wear your boots as an anchor,
Wear your shirt like a sail
Above all that, wear a fine hat X2
Wear a fine hat, outrageous hat

Eat and food has not filled me,
My spirit has asked me for more
I scatter the bowls from the table and
The rats have taken the floor

So i’ll leave for a fool hardy mission
With you and some others to cast
This day is to waste on good wine by the case and
Standing as tall as a mast

Burn your tie, don’t ask why,
Go be bold, wear fancy clothes


Kick off the fare from the table and
Grin like a head on a spike
My peak and my feather will start an endeavour
With fools and wise men alike

Burn your tie, don’t ask why,
Go be bold, wear fancy clothes X2


Burn your tie, don’t ask why,
Go be bold, wear fancy clothes
Track Name: Steal the Moon (M'loon Capture Plan)
I overheard one moonlit night some plotting drunken pirates
A plan they had so bloody daft that I could scarce believe
They really thought the moon was made of polished shiny silver
They planned to steal it right away and live a life of ease!

Moon wax, shine all night
I’ll have your silver in me pocket before the mornin’ light X2

They planned to build a ladder and hoist it to the skywards
Then Davey realised the moon would be at apogee
So Pum suggested they should make a fake moon out of rubbish
To lure the real one lower, with this they all agreed!


The Drunkest pirate heard the moon was made of all things cheesy
And lived within there was a man who wasn’t very nice
The Bosun said he’d fetch a stick from out within the rigging
And fix upon the end a load of scary mice (In case of cheese)


Now everyone has heard of how the moon is full of wisdom
“But I’ve a way around that”, said the Captain with a smile
We’ll shoot a fox up moonward from an off-map cannon
To confusticate it meantime with all it’s cunning wiles


They placed a bottle of Bootlegger rum high atop the ladder
And when the moon was full of booze they’d start a drunken fight
And while it’s busy brawling with the fake moon made of rubbish
They’ll scoop it up into a sack and steal away it’s light


They talked more nonsense like this while they passed the rum among ‘em
Making more ridiculous and convoluted schemes
Like drawing eyebrows on the moon or swapping it for a balloon
I left them as the sun rose, snoring in their dreams

Track Name: Groove & Tongue
Time on your hands with a mission to travel along
You have my attention I put to what could go wrong
There’s more than one landscape to gather on so where do we belong
Show me the eye and the needle the groove and the tongue

We show up somewhere in the light and the stares
Asking the questions the when and the where
So many places, sung so many songs
Passed over bridges that did not belong, we stayed strong
Stuck to the groove and the tongue

The night holds the shadows while sun blows the cobwebs away
Storm will bring water with lightening and thunder’s delay
The days will not change unless change is for what we all pray
Break out of silence, get ready with something to say

Groove and tongue X2
Words and song X2
Groove and tongue X2


Look at yourselves, you vagabonds, princes and thieves
Wasting and chasing the magic you lost in the trees
Come gather up all of you ladies and gents of these days
A fine bunch of dreamers who won’t give up and still believe


Groove and tongue X2
Words and song X2
Groove and tongue X2
Words and song X2

Groove and tongue X4
Track Name: Begin Again
Mark my time, bury my soul,
Fill the hole X2

You can let it go,
You can push it away
You can put it in the ground or
Put it to the flame,
Wave it out the bay

You can say your good bye’s and
Begin to forget
Put it in the attic,
Place it on the shelf
With no regrets

The tide will go out and
The tide will come in,
Begin again

Say your last words,
Don't make it a prayer,
They don't use them there X2

Pick up your tools and
Make your peace
Leave it for the beggars and seekers
To retrieve

Say your farewells
With a welcoming smile
Leave an open book
So they can write their names
Or read awhile

It feels like breathing out and
It feels like breathing in,
Begin again

Mark my time, bury my soul,
Fill the hole X2 (along side below)

Is chosen by the great unknown
So i will keep it young although my heart is old

I know that it won’t last forever
So ill try to paint it in the brightest colours

Is given to a life thats driven
By the love of others and the will to build and fill the hole

Oooh ooh fill the hole
Track Name: A Drunkship of Cobblers
When one is standing alone,
The world is a very big place
We need the company of people,
Shoulder to shoulder or face to face
A branch can break in the breeze
But a forest will weather the storm
Sometimes the company of strangers
Is the warmest company of all

A fire and friends, some good wine and beer
Will banish the darkness and temper the fear
Lets all come around and gather together
Then march like a drunkship of cobblers
March, march, march, march like a drunkship of cobblers
March, march, march, march X5,
March like a drunkship of cobblers

The heart, it needs a companion,
The soul will grow with a friend,
Even Narcissus needs a reflection to
See what is real or pretend
We all have our thoughts and ideas,
Agift that is given to all
Keeping them locked from the outside,
It’s a crime to silence the call


Jump to the left, step to the right,
Bow to your partner, try not to fight
Spin counter clockwise
Resist the temptation to fall.

The journey through life is a long one,
The longest thing you’ll ever do
You’ll need a good pair of shoes
And they always turn up in twos
Laces or buckles or straps,
Prepare for the pathway ahead
A storybook stamped with adventure,
Memories live on when they’re shared

Track Name: Milecastle Waltz
I call to you Mary though I know your not there
The walk you have taken has been long and unfair
I take up your footsteps on the path steep and hard
We will waltz hand in hand for a mile and a yard

I will work through the night while the days they are dark
I meet Jack and Jonney on the steps of The Shark
We are bound for an hour till the memory does fade
And remember my sister and the price she did pay

I think of our fireside where our dreams fade away
In a castle a mile from here an hour from the bay
It will take us an hour or forever and a day
We will meet at the castle dear where together we will lay

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